About Wallys HD's

Just a little info on myself and Susie. We have lived at this location for the past 36 years, and have loved and lived together for the past 39 years. We are both Harley mad and are lucky enough to both have our own rides, myself a 1991 FXRSSP and Susie has a 2001 Dyna Low Rider (so you can see who wears the pants in this house!).

Mind you, I did forget to mention my 2012 Aprilia Tuono V4, Hahaha. Susie also helps out in the workshop, and she might even make you a cuppa if you’re nice to her. That doesn’t work for me any more, but she likes fresh new faces, so you should be right.

I’m out on 2 wheels as often as I can be, hence the slow developments around the homestead. I follow the NZ road-race series around the north island as much as I can, and sometimes even get out and risk life and limb on a few selected circuits. Well, that’s enough of the boring stuff, lets get into the good stuff.

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 15 and I was introduced to Harley’s in 88’ and I haven’t looked back since (except for those scary blue and red lights, as you do). My daddy taught me how to repair and fully service my own bikes from the age of 15. I learned to ride on a real grunter! A Puch 150cc scooter. That should give you some confidence, EH?!

But seriously, I truly love servicing, repairing, changing and hyping up Harley’s. (Haven’t really got any interest in any other brands). I have been working on Harley Davidsons for 27 odd years now, and I just cant get enough! Its just like a drug. Just as much, I like talking to the people that ride them, and helping them to get what they want, the best from their machines.