When we are not working and the budget allows, we are still mostly around 2 wheels, and I thoroughly enjoy a day viewing the races at most of the race circuits around the North Island (the ride there and back is still always the best fun) and I have raced at most of the race circuits in New Zealand at one time or another.

The Buell may not be the fastest thing out there, but it sure is the sexiest! (well, I reckon it's the sexiest - especially at the jap meets!) My wife,

Suzie and a friend or two are always there as my pit crew, and they do a great job of it too! I've been doing alot of watching lately. (must be getting old eh?). Naaaaaa, never, nooooo.
Ok, maybe a little bit.

We also do an annual South Island ride every February. (have done for the past 25 years.) and each year clients and friends come along for the 4,500km run and everyone has a great time zigzagging all over the South Island - (doing our best to avoid getting love letters from the boys in blue).

Only got 3 love letter in 25 years, and that was on the way back, in the North Island.

Mind you, I never speed. Na, never, honest, it wasn't me officer. Oh well, I guess someone has to pay for their beers at Christmas eh?!

I look forward to seeing you out there.

Time out.